Our roles as employees of Family Ark offer so many rewards. As a Foster Parent Recruitment Specialist, I am charged with reaching out to the communities in Southern Indiana to recruit folks who are willing to give hope to a child by becoming a foster parent. Through this process of being “out and about” I meet so many people who want to help Family Ark in an assortment of ways. Whether someone is able to foster or not, I am always thrilled when they will listen as I describe the mission and work of our agency and they feel compelled to help in some way.

The truth is we need your help in so many ways to strengthen families and to create a healthy community. One very simple way to help is to provide Family Ark with backpacks for children who are moving into or out of one of our foster homes to go back to a birth family, on to an adoptive family, or into an independent living situation. It is heart breaking to see a child’s belongings stuffed in black trash bags. With your help this will never happen for the children in our care. We are always in need of duffle bags, backpacks, book bags, etc. for our kids. You can bring them to our campus or send me an email [email protected] and I will come and pick them up! As I said, I’m out and about!!

Post by Mike Karman, Foster Parent Recruitment Specialist